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“I am so grateful I can move with 80% less pain due to Hillary’s help. Six months ago I believed I was going to die at 59 like my Mother after 3 strokes & massive weight gain.

Now 20 lbs lighter & healthier due to intermittent fasting, pilates & prayer I'm still here looking forward to 60.

Thank you Hillary for being my mentor."

-Rochelle M. Clark

The evidence that Hillary’s method WORKS is overwhelming.  When I was not able to attend for three months due to work, I fell right back into daily pain. I know this is something I MUST do to keep strong and safe. I am not dreading getting older any longer…. I am so grateful for the ability to enjoy my full life. I am grateful to be able to do most everything without pain. Life is grand and wonderful 

- Nancy Scott

Hillary is amazing- if you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her I would highly recommend it. She is constantly learning new things and I dare say she has a “cult” following amount members, for good reason. People rave about her roll out techniques. She has been able to connect with members inside and outside of the studio at social events. She is beautiful inside and out and definitely someone that I look up to.

 - Coworker

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