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"Talk about fate… At the time I met Hillary, I was scheduled (in 2 weeks) to have foot surgery to alleviate heel spur pain which involved cutting my plantar fascia in two places. I was hobbling and it was excruciating to walk, I had 3 corticosteroid shots in the last few months and then decided to just have the surgery. Foot surgery is always scary because risk of infection is high. This doctor said he had 95% successes with this surgery. After doing the foot exercises with the ball that Hillary taught me, I could tell my foot felt better! By the next day, it was so much better that I went for a hike!

A week after, I canceled my surgery because I felt that my heel pain was no more! I’m doing those simple ball exercises every other day and my feet feel fantastic! Thank you so much for introducing me to these balls and saving me from surgery! 

I appreciate all I learned from Hillary that day. Now that I have the ball set, I can do other exercises too. 

With happiness and gratitude."

-Margie Madden 

"I am so grateful I can move with 80% less pain due to Hillary’s help. Six months ago I believed I was going to die at 59 like my Mother after 3 strokes & massive weight gain.

Now 20 lbs lighter & healthier due to intermittent fasting, pilates & prayer I'm still here looking forward to 60.

Thank you Hillary for being my mentor."

-Rochelle M. Clark

"Hillary’s expertise in the human body and passion for sharing this knowledge has opened my awareness to my body and how to effectively strengthen targeted muscles to increase the efficacy of my body. Her humor and authenticity have encouraged me to get through exercises that my brain and legs tell me are too tough to get through. Her workshops and knowledge have been great bonding experiences for my partner and I to attend together, a wonderful way for me to share this experience I have been seeking out for the past few months."

- Tori  Chrupalo

"I was unable to walk without severe pain after my hip replacement. Hillary saw me a year post op and insisted I come and try he arthrolaties class. It was the BEST "insistence" ever! It has changed my life!

I have LOVED working with Hillary. Her knowledge is immense, her care and concern is extraordinary and her classes are FUN! We all love going to class and always leave feeling so much better!!!

The evidence that Hillary’s method WORKS is overwhelming.  When I was not able to attend for three months due to work, I fell right back into daily pain. I know this is something I MUST do to keep strong and safe. I am not dreading getting older any longer…. I am so grateful for the ability to enjoy my full life. I am grateful to be able to do most everything without pain. Life is grand and wonderful."

- Nancy Scott

"When I retired several years ago one of my goals was to enjoy more golf. Working with Hillary has really helped me with that goal because my overall physical fitness has greatly improved. I have more strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. This true in everything I do.  One example is when I’m  doing a DYS project at home, my wife often says "thank you Hillary” because she sees my improvement. I consider working with Hillary and Pilates my fountain of youth!”  

- Brad Hokansen

“Finally, after years of working with many different instructors I found Hillary Brown! Hillary has done what no other instructor has been able to do for me. She got my mind and body to connect with each other allowing me to develop long, lean muscles, gain balance and self awareness that has given me freedom from chronic pain. Her genuine passion and sincerity combined with her years of experience give her the ability to see what others cannot when it comes to teaching and motivating. Thank you Hillary.”

 -Joan Petti

"I showed my son a few of the things I learned at Hillary’s Roll & Release workshop. He was feeling anxious about school and tests tomorrow (he’s only in 5th grade but he can get pretty overwhelmed) I only thought of it because you mentioned the physical connection can help with calming and anxiety. He resists my suggestions of breathing or guided meditation, so I was happy to have something else to offer tonight. It totally helped him out of the spiral he thanked me as he was falling asleep for helping him calm down and I gently told him that he was the one that did it. He has the tools  and the body that can do it!- so Empowering!!"


"Hillary is amazing- if you ever have the opportunity to take a class from her I would highly recommend it. She is constantly learning new things and I dare say she has a “cult” following amount members, for good reason. People rave about her roll out techniques. She has been able to connect with members inside and outside of the studio at social events. She is beautiful inside and out and definitely someone that I look up to."

- Coworker

 “I have known Hillary since I was about twelve years old. Now, here I am at 17 about to go to college. During the past five years of knowing Hillary, she has become a teacher, mentor, older sister, and inspiration. As a teacher, she provided a foundation for me and helped me set my goals. As a mentor, she gave me guidance and pushed me to new limits. As an older sister, she put me back in my place and continued to humble me. However, I think the biggest thing she has become for me is an inspiration. When Hillary had a stroke, it really shocked me at how young she was. It made me wonder if she would be able to teach me again. However, Hillary pushed through leaps and bounds and was able to make a full and amazing recovery. Her story inspires me everyday to really live life to the fullest and to never give up.

Hillary has not only taught me technique in dance, but she has taught me to be a positive person. It has been a blessing to be her student and friend. Because of her, I see life in a different light and that anything is possible if you put your mind and heart into it.”

 -Alyssandra Baniqued

"Hillary is so supportive of her co workers at awaken.  She takes every opportunity to attend special workshops, she helps the Pilates apprentices by giving feedback and attending their classes, she is always willing to make time to connect and answer questions to help her clients and co workers grow."

- Coworker 

I feel very comfortable doing my PT along with Hillary’s help with supportive Pilates. It's a fun group of ladies to "groan along with" & they're all willing to help each other every day. Thanks"

-Sandy Sleeper

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"Hillary’s Skilates series was the perfect way to prepare for the ski season. After two 5-week sessions I am feeling stronger and more stable than I have in previous seasons. She targets all areas of the body that are necessary in skiing and explains everything clearly. My increased body awareness from her classes have improved my form, endurance, and confidence for skiing all terrain. "

- Tori 

"Went skiing today for the first time this year. Last year my right hip was always a mix of fatigued and sore at the end. Today it is silent! Hooray!!!!"


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