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The Full Story


Hey There Beautiful!

I’m Hillary Brown, Master Pilates Instructor, healer, community connector, mover and shaker!

I have one constant thread throughout my life- my passion for empowering people through movement.

I recently relocated back to Salt Lake City after living in Honolulu, Hawaii for 18 Years where I owned and directed a family dance studio, Manoa Dance Studio (MDS). 

When I started MDS 15 years ago, many thought I was simply teaching kids the basics, when I was, in fact, learning to dance again myself. 

In 2008, I suffered a major stroke that left me unable to speak and rendered my right side paralyzed. After a risky brain surgery, I nurtured my recovery over several years with Pilates, which enabled me to make leaps and bounds in my recovery and allowed me to return to my first passion, dancing. 

I have sense retired from the dance studio, recently underwent spine surgery and am back on the Pilates Therapy program for PT.

I help people heal and become empowered to live their fullest lives.  I specialize in: myofascial release, body mechanics, surgery & injury recovery and prevention for youth to seniors and hold over 2,500 hours in certifications in movement science, Pilates and Yoga. 

Ready to see what the power of Pilates and movement therapy can do for you? I will be honored to be a guide and solace on your journey.

Im in!
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With my unique method of movement therapy using Pilates, MyoFascial Release, Yoga, and Physical Therapy techniques you will be bolstered on your journey to health, strength and independence.

"Hillary’s expertise in the human body and passion for sharing this knowledge has opened my awareness to my body and how to effectively strengthen targeted muscles to increase the efficacy of my body. Her humor and authenticity have encouraged me to get through exercises that my brain and legs tell me are too tough to get through. Her workshops and knowledge have been great bonding experiences for my partner and I to attend together, a wonderful way for me to share this Awaken experience I have been seeking out for the past few months".

- Tori 

"Thank you so much for introducing me to these rolling techniques and saving me from surgery! I’m so glad I was able to meet Hillary when I did!  Not only for my foot problem but my whole body felt better after our session."  

- Margie Madden 

"I showed my son a few of the things I learned at Hillary’s Roll & Release workshop. He was feeling anxious about school and tests tomorrow (he’s only in 5th grade but he can get pretty overwhelmed) I only thought of it because you mentioned the physical connection can help with calming and anxiety. He resists my suggestions of breathing or guided meditation, so I was happy to have something else to offer tonight. It totally helped him out of the spiral  he thanked me as he was falling asleep for helping him calm down and I gently told him that he was the one that did it. He has the tools  and the body that can do it!- so Empowering!!"

- Becca 

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