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Hillary Brown Movement with Client on Pilates Cadicllac

"It's not what I "DO" for the world.

It's how I "AM" for the world."

Hello there gorgeous! 

I'm Hillary, Master Pilates Instructor, Movement Education Specialist and Body Wizard.


I help others heal and become empowered with my unique blend of movement therapies. Using Pilates, Self MyoFascial Release, Yoga, and Physical Therapy techniques, you will be bolstered on your journey to health and independence.


With over 25 years of teaching experience I specialize in pain relief, pre and post surgery, injury prevention and recovery, as well as overcoming other life’s challenges. 

Hillary Brown Movemenet Client on Pilates Reformer

Hillary has helped my 93 year old mother make a 180 degree shift in her life, strengthening her mobility and aiding in her physical confidence and awareness. Hillary’s unique style is like no other. The level of presence with each client is rare. Hillary’s sincerity shines through her way of instruction. Anyone blessed to have Hillary as an instructor will gain the opportunity to physically transform. We appreciate the time, patience and expertise Hillary has shared with us. We will be able to utilize these skills for a life time.

- Maia Nagashia

Hillary Brown with client Jamie Lee Curtis

I have done A LOT of Pilates and Hillary is one of the BEST teachers I have worked with. She is focused and aware and interested in how your body works, and in my case, doesn’t. She was tough and tender and I left with a renewed desire to re-connect with my practice.”


-Jamie Lee Curtis

Hillary Brown Movmement Client have lesson on Pilates Cadillac

“When I retired several years ago one of my goals was to enjoy more golf. Working with Hillary has really helped me with that goal because my overall physical fitness has greatly improved. I have more strength, balance, flexibility and endurance. This true in everything I do.  One example is when I’m  doing a DYS project at home, my wife often says "thank you Hillary” because she sees my improvement. I consider working with Hillary and Pilates my fountain of youth!” 

-  Brad Hokanson





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